Welcome to my Summer Shape Up 8 week Challenge!

Thanks so much for deciding to join me and my crew of Strong Women! I’m super 
excited to have you on board!

Important: Please don’t leave this page just yet!

1. What do you need?


If you choose my home workout programme, you will need
 following equipment:


  • Booty band (ideally both fabric & latex)
  • Resistance band with/without handles
  • Swissball

The rest of the equipment listed here is not essential but you will get the most out of my workouts if you have them.


Kettlebells or dumbbells

2. Complete This Questionnaire

Please fill in this questionnaire, don’t worry, it opens in a new
 tab so you can come back to this page once you’ve completed the

Fill In The New Client Questionnaire Form –

3. Fill in the TDEE

Please complete this calculator which will enable me to see which are the best calories and macros targets to start you off with. You will receive an email with your results. Please forward this email this to me at

4.Join the Summer Shape Up Facebook group

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See you there!

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